csa share – week 22 {october 16}

Welcome to the 22nd week of the Pitchfork & Crow CSA!

Here’s what’s in the share:

  • Inchelium Red Garlic
  • Jimmy Nardello Sweet Peppers
  • German Butterball Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Broccoli
  • Delicata Winter Squash
  • Radishes
  • Prize Choi or Collards
  • Tomatoes – pint of indigo rose & yellow cherries
  • Apples

Many thanks to everyone who made it out to Sunday’s on-farm fun.  The food was tasty and we had a great time sharing the farm for the day.  Between feasting, pressing cider, tractor rides, pumpkin picking, and kite-flying, we couldn’t have asked for more fun.  Hopefully everyone made it home with enough cider and pumpkins to keep the seasonal spirit going a little longer.

We heard from some folks who didn’t hear about the open-house in time to make it out.  We apologize if you didn’t get the info soon enough.  Send us your e-mail and we’ll be sure to include you on all the CSA fun!  Also, we’ll have pumpkins at Market for the next two weeks if you weren’t able to make it out to claim yours from the field.  Stop by and choose one from our booth.

The weather held long enough on Sunday to keep everyone dry, but the rain this past week has been a big reminder that the extended summer couldn’t last forever.  Of course we certainly appreciate not needing to irrigate the fields for a change.  Now it looks like it might hold long enough to get our garlic in the ground tomorrow.  Speaking of garlic, this week’s garlic is a robust variety that’s listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste and was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, WA.  We just ate some mashed in with our potatoes.  Delish!

Enjoy this week’s vegetables!

Your farmers,
Jeff Bramlett and Carri Heisler

Here are a few recipes to get you inspired:

Leek and Delicata Squash Soup with Caramelized Apple Croutons


1 tart green apple
¼ cup light brown sugar


lb. Delicata squash, halved lengthwise, seeds removed
Tbsp. unsalted butter
2 large leeks, white and tender green parts, chopped
½ tsp. dried thyme
cups vegetable broth or “no chicken” chicken broth
¾ tsp. salt
½ tsp. freshly ground pepper
~ Sour cream, for garnish
  1. Make the croutons: Peel and core the apple and halve it lengthwise. Using a mandoline or a very sharp knife, cut the apple into very thin slices.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread one layer of apple slices on top. Sprinkle with the brown sugar.
  3. Bake slices for 20 minutes at 350 degrees until crisp. Transfer to cooling racks and let cool completely.
  4. Make the soup: Leave the oven at 350 degrees. Place the squash, cut side down, on a baking sheet and bake until tender, about 40 minutes. Let cool slightly and gently scrape or cut the flesh away from the skin (Delicata skin is edible, but not tasty in this dish). Set aside.
  5. Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Add the leeks and thyme and stir occasionally until soft and brown, 10 to 15 minutes. Stir in the stock and the squash and simmer over medium heat for 20 minutes.
  6. Using an immersion hand blender, purée the soup directly in the pot until smooth. (Alternately, purée the soup in batches in a standard blender or food processor.)
  7. Season with the salt and pepper. To serve, ladle hot soup into individual bowls, then top with sour cream and the apple croutons.

From Culinate via Leah Koenig, http://www.culinate.com/recipes/collections/jewish_cooking/the_jew_and_the_carrot/leek_and_delicata_squash_soup_with_caramelized_apple_croutons


Creamy Leek, Potato, and Sour Cream Chive Soup

3 Tb. butter
2-3 leeks, thinly sliced (white and pale green parts only)
1 tsp. dried tarragon
1 lb. potatoes, thinly sliced
4 cups chicken or vegetable stock
½ to 1 cup sour cream
4 Tb. chopped fresh chives, divided
salt and pepper

Melt butter in pot over medium-low flame. Add leeks and dill; cover and cook slowly, 15-20 minutes. Add potatoes and stock; bring to simmer, cover, and cook until tender, 10-15 minutes. Puree mixture. Return puree to pot; stir in sour cream and 2 tablespoons chives. Add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle each serving with additional chives. Makes 6 servings.

From “From Asparagus to Zucchini, A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce,” Madison Area CSA Coalition

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