april showers bring may…vegetables!

The sun is currently shining, but for how long is the big question we’re asking these days.  As you’ve probably noticed the last few weeks have brought us a whole lot of rain and generally cold weather making it difficult for us to stay on schedule with our transplanting plan.  We feel lucky to have been able to transplant lettuce, spinach, and bok choy and direct-sow radishes, carrots, and salad turnips into our new-to-us field houses.  We also managed to get the first round of peas, kale, collards, cabbage, and kohlrabi transplanted directly into the field last week!  We’re looking forward to this week’s projected dry spell which should give us an opportunity to get back on schedule.

We’ve been keeping busy on the farm while waiting for the fields to dry out.  Jeff’s been busy setting up our irrigation systems, including an automatic watering system in the propagation house.  The fruit trees are all officially pruned and the berries have been trellised.  The pears and cherries are sporting amazingly fragrant blossoms these days.  The apples seem to be nearly ready to bloom too.  Hopefully the bees will make it out during this dry spell too.

We find that rainy days are good for focusing on paperwork.  Jeff was able to finish up and submit two big applications for our farm, including our organic plan for the new farm and the water rights application for irrigation at the farm.  These are both important pieces to our long-term attempt to purchase this property.  Although we don’t anticipate any big obstacles to either of these issues, we’re certainly happy to have the paperwork submitted.

The start of the CSA season at the end of May is approaching quickly.  We’re excited to get back into the swing of weekly markets and CSA share deliveries.  Cross your fingers that the weather gives us a break sometime soon and we’ll see you at the Saturday Market sooner rather than later.