Summer CSA Countdown

We’re quickly approaching the start of the 14th P&C Summer CSA season! The past couple of weeks have been sunny and warm, meaning it’s been go-time here on the farm. I’ve been remiss in getting a spring update posted here but the planting takes precedence in May. Better late than never; read on for a synopsis of what’s happening on the farm.

As many of you past farm members know, we take the month of May off from harvesting to focus on planting. Of course there’s also the pre-planting work that goes into prepping ground for planting, growing up the transplants, and then keeping everything watered and weeded after we plant them. We’re thankful for your support as we take the time to focus on getting things in the ground and growing to ensure another successful CSA season.

Here are some photos and thoughts from spring on the farm this season:

A peak inside the propagation house from a couple of weeks back. (top left), A glimpse of the hardening off tables outside the propagation house full of transplants ready to plant. (top right), Two views of the big tractor during transplanting. The water wheel transplanter on the back and a pallet full of transplants on the front forks. (bottom)

Today’s sunny weather feels like summer has arrived, so it may be difficult to remember that the first few months of this year brought us colder than average temperatures and plenty of rain. We finished out the Winter CSA at the end of April already two weeks behind in field planting. Thankfully the sun came out eventually and over the past few weeks we’ve managed to get many plants in the ground and we’re officially sort of caught up. Although it’s been a push, we’re feeling much better than last season about the impending start of the CSA season. Plants are in the ground, things are growing, there will be vegetables!

A honey bee in some apple blossoms last week (top left), moving irrigation pipe for cultivating (top right), and cultivating early green beans with belly-mounted finger weeders and rear cultivators (bottom).

The last few weeks have been a planting blur for us. Beans, corn, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, lettuce, kohlrabi, beets, fennel, spinach, basil, dill, cilantro, more lettuce, zucchini, bok choy, more beets, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, celeriac, leeks, and more were all transplanted into the field. Today we got the melons and tomatillos in the ground. Next up the second round of sweet corn and the third rounds of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. We’ve also direct sown some carrots, radishes, turnips, green beans, and fava beans. That’s all to say that in May, we plant.

As the planting party continues we’ve got work on the irrigating and cultivating fronts too. This past winter Jeff spent some time upgrading the electrical system and added rear cultivators on our 1948 Farmall Cub cultivating tractor. It was time well spent and he’s already been pleased with being able to start the tractor up easily and run through crops at the right timing with various cultivating tools to kill weeds before they get established. The new rear cultivators get the weeds in the path in the same pass, saving time. A win-win.

Potatoes ready for planting (left) and covering potatoes after placing them in the trenches (right).

The Farmall Cub is also especially handy when it comes to our big potato planting, which went down last week. Jeff is able to use discs on the Cub to open trenches ahead of potato planting and then again to close up the trenches after planting. Once again we’ve planted just shy of a mile in row feet of potatoes and we’re already looking forward to the future harvests of tasty taters.

Tomatoes! (left) and a quick spinach harvest for dinner using my handy bicycle basket Jeff made me for my birthday (right).

Soon enough we’ll make the first harvest lists of the season, get back into the swing of harvesting, and before we know it we’ll be ready to bring you the first share of the 2023 Summer CSA season!

Until then we hope you’ve been getting our recent member emails. If you’ve signed up to join us for the Summer CSA and haven’t heard from us in your email inbox recently, try checking your spam or promotions folders for emails from us. If you don’t see them there let us know by dropping us a line at

Finally, here are a couple of things I’d like to pass on again:

  • First is a suggestion to check out the Local Resources page here on our website. – If you’re looking for local meat producers (pork, beef, or chicken) or other local services you might find what you need there.
  • Second is a fish recommendation – We decided several years ago to start supporting salmon fishermen the way you support us. Once again we’ve joined the Iliamna Fish Company CSF (community supported fishery). We’re looking forward to filling our freezer full of salmon again come September.

On that note, let’s wrap up this update. Summer CSA members, keep an eye out for more emails from us as we continue the countdown to the start of the Summer CSA season!

All our thanks!

Your farmers – Carri & Jeff

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