this week at market {july 3}

Hello from Pitchfork & Crow~

It’s the end of the work week, so that must mean the Saturday Market is here again!  Here’s what we plan to bring to market:

  • Beets
  • Broccoli (come early for this one)
  • Bunching Onions
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Chard
  • Collards
  • Cooking Greens Mix (Kale, Chard, Collards)
  • Fennel
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Kale (Red Russian & Lacinato)
  • Lettuce (Romaine, Butter, and Crispleaf)
  • Salad Mix (a mix of lettuces)
  • Snap Peas!!
  • Spinach (perhaps the last of it for a while)
  • Turnips

As we continue to mention, we love all of you folks who support us.  We grow vegetables and need vegetable eaters!  We also appreciate folks who support the Salem Saturday Market.  The Market provides a place for the community to come together around locally produced food and goods.  It gives us a home every Saturday during the growing season to set up shop and sell our vegetables.  Without it, marketing our veggies directly to consumers would be somewhat more difficult.  That’s why we also love the ‘Friends of the Salem Saturday Market’.

The Friends of the SSM is a newish non-profit that exists to support the Market and help connect the community with locally produced goods.  To that end, the Friends of the SSM sponsor weekly workshops at the Saturday Market on a wide variety of topics ranging from preserving food to reducing trash and they sponsor a bike valet service, letting folks park their bikes in a safe spot while visiting the market.  They’re also working towards making the Market a zero waste zone, meaning all garbage will be either recycled or composted.  Joining the Friends group also gives members the opportunity to tour several local farms throughout the season.

Check out the Friends of the SSM website for a list of upcoming events:  We hope you’ll come down to the Market for the good food and fun wares and also take advantage of the free events the Friends of the SSM are bringing to the Market.

Come see us at market sometime between 9am and 3pm.  The Salem Saturday Market is located at the intersection of Summer and Marion streets NE in downtown Salem.

Carri Heisler and Jeff Bramlett

2 thoughts on “this week at market {july 3}

  1. friendsofsalemsaturdaymarket says:

    Thanks for the support, Carri & Jeff!
    -Stephanie, Friends of Salem Saturday Market


  2. Ron and Judi Kamody says:

    Hi Jeff and Carri,

    Thanks for great comments. Loved all the pictures. Especially loved the picture of Zoe. We’re big cat lovers.


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