2018 P&C Farm Update

Hello Farm Friends!

Our final summer share back in November feels like a lifetime ago. The past couple of months have flown by in a blur as Jeff and I have found our footing outside the routine of the CSA. When we last left off we were working towards selling the farm and moving on to non-farming lives, but it turns out we weren’t quite finished with this place yet.

So, without a Winter CSA to schedule our time (and pay the bills) what have we been up to of late? Just after Thanksgiving we decided to take the farm off the market, only days before the first legitimate offer was made through our realtor. Despite the amazing offer, we decided to stick with our decision to hang-on to the property until we’d worked out our plans for the future. December was full of fun hiking adventures and spending time together outside of farming, a whole new reality.

I’ve been working part-time for our friends out at Adaptive Seeds helping clean seed last fall and now packing seed for sale. It’s been fun participating in the other side of the seed world, and I get a little thrill each time one of the seed lots we grew comes up on my list for packing. Jeff was hired on at Entek, a local Lebanon manufacturing company with global reach, and he’s been learning all sorts of new machinery assembly skills that have already come in handy when working on truck and tractor repairs. His favorite parts of the new gig are getting off work at 3:30pm and having a regular paycheck. Can’t argue with that!

As farm planning season sets in, I’ve been feeling the pull of farming. Given our decision to keep the farm for the time being, I’ve decided to undertake a small CSA this upcoming season. Jeff will be keeping his job, though he may help with some field work at times, and I’ll be farming mostly solo at first with the goal of hiring on labor as the season progresses and finances even out.  I’ll be focusing on the Salem area initially, but hope to get a farm stand together for local folks to purchase directly from the farm in the near future.

Big things are in store for this upcoming year.  We recently received a conditional use permit from Linn County to build a house on the farm and we’re reviewing our options and next steps.  We’re settling into the new routines of work and life and are ready to tackle the changes ahead.  As I look forward to the farming season, and begin to put plans in place, I’m nervous about taking on the challenge of the CSA without Jeff always by my side, but also excited to return to growing food for this community.  It will be hard work, but I’m hoping I’ve learned some things over the past nine years and that this tenth farming season will be a successful adventure.

Shoot us an email at farmers@pitchforkandcrow.com if you have any questions about the farm and the farm’s future.  Head on over to the Summer CSA page to get all the updated program details, and think about joining me on the summer/fall vegetable adventure ahead!

– Carri & Jeff

9 thoughts on “2018 P&C Farm Update

  1. Melissa says:

    so glad you are sticking it out. I’m still in albany/ lebanon area let us know when and if you get a stand up. love the updates.


    • carri says:

      Hey Melissa! Thanks!! Will definitely be in touch as the farm stand comes together. Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for all of your support these past years!


  2. Susan P says:

    Like Melissa, I am glad to hear this. It is bringing happiness to our household. Sometimes you just need to take some time off to recharge. Looking forward to possibly buying some organic veggies from you. Keep us posted.


  3. dinyabba@aol.com says:

    Hi Jeff and Carri. Sounds like you have had a very odd wi;ter. I hope that you are finding joy and love with each other. We will not be joining this year. we made other plans to travel a lot more his summer, and since my daughter does not drive it makes it difficult. If you ever havetra ex stuff to sell at the end of the pickup(farmers market style) we would come before 6 to buy some veggies when we are in t own. also the end of the year extras. We hope that this works for you both, and that there is a little more time for R and R. We are so excited for you that you will be able to start planning a house. Does that mean t hat you are no longer held to the yearly sales quota? Please let us stay on you newsletter feed. We take great joy in watching your great accomplishments, down on the farm. love to you both, Tim and Dianne


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