field notes: december 6

Hey, it’s cold outside!  December has really decided to bring the wintry weather and though it’s been fairly dry we’ve been fully aware of the icy, frosty goodness that is the out-of-doors these days.  We’re finding more inside work to do, but trying to enjoy the dry weather as much as possible too.

Jeff has been seeing to tasks that quickly move to the bottom of the priority list during the growing season.  The barn is neatly organized, tools have been put in their proper place, and field supplies have been rescued from a long, wet season in the field.  He’s also been in his own “Farmall 101”, learning all about the finer points of our little cultivating tractor.  We purchased this tractor in the spring and put it to use right away weeding, marking beds, and planting and eventually digging potatoes.  Having only done minimal maintenance during the summer and fall, he’s happy to have a little extra time to spend tracking down spark plugs and air filters and to tinker with the internal workings of the machine.

Soon we’ll begin our crop planning for next year.  The seed catalogs have begun to arrive in our mailbox and I can’t help but begin pouring through them, looking for sources of our now-favorite vegetable varieties and finding new varieties to try out.  Long, cold nights provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a cup of hot tea and a stack of seed catalogs!  Before too long we’ll be gearing up for spring planting and the push towards next summer, so we’re trying to enjoy the slow time as much as possible.

Finally, we’ll be posting CSA program information for the 2012 season soon, so watch for details!

Carri & Jeff

2 thoughts on “field notes: december 6

  1. Patty says:

    Can’t wait for next spring! But in the meantime, we had an incredible concoction tonight with some of your squash and kale. Oh so good.


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