this week at market {july 30}

Hello from Pitchfork & Crow ~

Hey, we’re getting ready for the Salem Saturday Market tomorrow!  Here’s a selection of what we’ll be bringing to market:

  • Radishes
  • Salad Mix
  • Summer Squash
  • Blackberries

Well, hello again!  We took a few weeks to let the farm recover from the cold spring, and we’re finally ready to return to market!  We hated being away so long and are glad to be gearing up for a fabulous day tomorrow.  We can’t wait to see you all again!

Though the crops are still behind where we’d hoped they’d be at this time, we’re bringing what we’ve got.  The radishes will be piled high, the salad mix will be available in abundance, and the summer squash has finally started coming on in earnest.  We’ll also be bringing some of the blackberries that are currently ripening at the farm.  There is some debate over the variety, but we think perhaps Kotata or Olallie berries.  Either way they’re tasty.

We’ve been getting a lot of work done down on the farm over the last several weeks.  We’re slowly getting caught up on our weeding and have returned to the routine of constantly moving pipe.  It appears the summer weather may have finally caught up with the calendar!  The peppers are starting to come on and soon we should have more than just a handful of ripe tomatoes.  Also, his was a big week for farm infrastructure!  We bought our first tractor implement, a tiller, and are excited to finally be able to work up ground without paying rent.  What a step!  Finally, new farm stickers just arrived yesterday and we’re excited to share them with you!

We hope to see you Saturday sometime between 9am and 3pm.  You can find us at the Salem Saturday Market near the intersection of Winter and Union streets in downtown Salem.
Carri Heisler and Jeff Bramlett