Storage Tips

  • Don’t forget to take the greens off your carrots and beets to avoid limp roots.
  • Basil is sensitive to cold temps and will turn black if refrigerated.  Strip the lower leaves of basil stems and put the stems in a glass of water on the counter to keep basil fresh.  Wrap the stripped leaves (or all your basil if your fresh basil arrives w/o long stems) in a dry paper towel and keep in an airtight container at about 50 degrees or room temperature.
  • Most produce stored in the fridge will benefit from a plastic bag, greens bag, or other container to slow respiration rate and avoid limp leaves.
  • We give the bottom shelf of our home refrigerator over to a Rubbermaid bin to help keep vegetables fresh when the produce drawers are full.
  • Green garlic and garlic scapes should be stored in the fridge but garlic bulbs belong in the cool, dark pantry.