half pig breakdown

We’ve put together some helpful information that you may want to review before speaking with the butcher about how you’d like to have your half pig cut and processed. 

The butcher will likely ask how big you want the roasts to be, how many steaks/chops you want per package, and how thick you want slices cut into.  Reviewing the information below will help you answer their questions and get the most from your half pig purchase.

Note: Fees paid directly to the butcher are based on how much curing/smoking you choose.  For each half pig they will include a $27.50 kill fee plus a 60¢/lb cut & wrap fee, and 60¢/lb smoking fee (smoking fee only for items cured such as bacon and ham).

pork cuts diagram2

pig diagram explanation

A half pig has the following:

1 Ham –  It can be cut into:
  • Left whole (not cut)
  • Cut in half (2 pieces)
  • Center Slices (5-6 slices and the end as roasts)
  • Sliced (the whole ham into slices, decide size per package)
1 Bacon/Belly – It can be cut into:
  • It can be left fresh or cured/smoked.
  • Whole slab, left uncut
  • Cut into 1lb blocks, left unsliced
  • Sliced (most choose sliced put into 1lb packages)
1 Front Shoulder including Boston Butt and Picnic sections – It can be cut into a combo of:
  • Cut into roasts
  • Sliced into steaks (how many per package?)
  • Used for Sausage
  • Sliced and cured/smoked for shoulder bacon
1 Pork Loins
  • Loins are usually cut into pork chops, with the ends cut into roasts.
  • Choose unseasoned sausage or seasonings such as breakfast and Italian. (usually into 1lb packages)
Back fat and other Pieces
  • Decide whether you want to render your own lard from the fat and request it if available.
  • Do you want other organs or pieces such as the heart, hocks etc?  Request these if available.


Let us know if you have any questions that we can help answer.  The butcher will likely be able to answer cutting questions best.  We can answer logistical and/or pig related questions.

Thanks!  Carri & Jeff