P&C Pork

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9/19/2017 Update: 

We have three pigs for sale by the half.  Check out the details below and send us an email if have questions or would like to reserve a half for yourself.

Thanks!  Carri & Jeff

Limited P&C Pork Available

Interested in P&C pork for your freezer? It’s time to get your name on the list to reserve your half!

We’ll be selling our pigs by the half and we have 6 halves available on a first come, first served basis.  The on-farm slaughter has been scheduled for October 17th.  The price is $4.50/lb hanging weight + processing costs.  See an Example and Timeline below and Email us ASAP to reserve your half.


Here’s the backstory: This is our third year having pigs on the farm.  Back in May we purchased 5 weaner pigs with the plan to raise them through the growing season.  We’re told they are a Hampshire/Berkshire cross breed.  They’ve spent most of their days wallowing and rooting around in a field with a triticale cover crop and have now been moved behind the plum orchard where they sleep under the wild cherry trees.  The bulk of their diet has been a combination of non-GMO, locally milled feed from Union Point Feed Mill in Brownsville, OR and extra fruit and vegetables from the farm.

How does this work?

  1.  Let us know you’d like to commit to buying half of a pig.
  2.  We’ll confirm your reservation and send you a link with helpful information to study so you can prepare to speak with the butcher.
  3.  On-farm slaughter will happen October 17th.
  4.  We’ll find out hanging weights soon after the slaughter from the butcher.  We’ll then let you know how much you owe us for your half pig.
  5. After we relay the hanging weight, you’ll call the butcher to discuss cutting and smoking preferences.
  6. You can either pick-up your meat directly from the butcher in Harrisburg or we can pick it up for you and deliver to your house.  If you choose to pick it up yourself, you’ll pay your butcher fees directly to the butcher at pick-up.  If we deliver you’ll pay us the butcher fees to pass on to the butcher.

How Much will it cost?

Although we won’t know the exact weights and costs until after the slaughter, below is an example of our target numbers.

Note: A half pig will require about 5 cubic feet of freezer space for storage. This works out to approximately 3 grocery sacks full.

  • Note that the hanging weight will differ from the finished weight because it includes bones, fat, and other trimmings that are discarded during the butchering process.
  • Processing costs paid to the butcher include a $27.50 kill fee, 60¢/lb cut & wrap fee and 60¢/lb smoking fee (smoking fee only for items cured such as bacon and ham).
Please send us an email at farmers@pitchforkandcrow.com ASAP to confirm you’d like to purchase a half of a pig.