P&C Pork Combo Packs

11/10/2017 Update

Thanks to some quick orders, we have 1 large or 2 small packs left.  Let us know ASAP if you’re interested.

Thanks! Carri & Jeff

Limited P&C Pork Available

Interested in P&C pork for your freezer? We’ve got 2 sizes of Pork Combo Packs Available!

We didn’t sell all of the available pork last month, so now you’ve got a second chance to buy P&C Pork, this time in smaller quantities!

The large pack is roughly equivalent to a quarter of a hog and the small pack is roughly an eighth.  The meat has already been butchered, so the price is all inclusive.  We can bring the meat to a CSA pick-up or you can pick it up at the farm.

Please send us an email at farmers@pitchforkandcrow.com ASAP if you’d like to purchase a combo pack.


Here’s the backstory: This is our third year having pigs on the farm.  Back in May we purchased 5 weaner pigs with the plan to raise them through the growing season.  We’re told they are a Hampshire/Berkshire cross breed.  They spent most of their days wallowing and rooting around in a field with a triticale cover crop and were then moved behind the plum orchard where they slept under the wild cherry trees.  The bulk of their diet was a combination of non-GMO, locally milled feed from Union Point Feed Mill in Brownsville, OR and extra fruit and vegetables from the farm.